SAAS Solutions FOR THE IN Cloud

what we do

process implementation & optimization on popular SAAS platforms


Improve your return on investment with strategic, experience-driven leadership.


Reviewing and approving an Invoice should be as easy as shopping online.

built to scale

Write the playbook for growth, whether organic or through acquisition.


Optimize and automate your business operations

Netsuite evolution

Knowing NetSuite, complex as it is, is straightforward. In order to succeed, NetSuite needs to work for your business.  Opal Creek gets NetSuite right for your business. As well as being certified NetSuite experts, Opal Creek has deep accounting and management consulting expertise.

CLOUD Architecture

NetSuite. Salesforce. Celigo. Boomi. Concur. Expensify. Clari. Hubspot. Marketo. The world of cloud systems is large and growing. The Opal Creek team can help you ask the right questions, develop the right strategy, and execute according to your business's needs and growth plan.